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Our Goal

We believe in pushing potential in everything we do, including our approach to wholesale coffee. From looking for the best farmers to developing the ideal roast profile to training a barista the ability to pour beautiful lattes, we're devoted from end to end. We look for the best restaurants, cafes, and partners who will join us in the pursuit of coffee perfection.

Our Training

We know that owning a cafe, restaurant, or business is challenging, and training baristas might be a headache. Let us take care of that headache for you. We want to ensure your baristas and employees who are serving our coffee are appropriately equipped with the education and training to do so. This will showcase the quality of coffee they are serving exceptionally. Apart of partnering with Helbachs includes the following coffee training classes; coffee overview, espresso overview, seed to cup, brew science, latte art methods, advance coffee. We will train all your current, new, and future employees. By the end of the training, they will be a Helbachs certified barista.  

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Equipment & Servicing 

Helbachs account support is unmatched in the industry. Our sales team provides expertise in selecting, loaning or purchasing, and installing espresso machines and brewing equipment. Initial and ongoing training and preventative maintenance programs are free of charge for qualified partner accounts. Technicians are available, from coast to coast, to keep your equipment in perfect working order. Helbachs has partnered with top-of-the-line, cutting edge technology from industry-leading partners such as Slayer, Mahlkonig,Fetco, and Mocamaster. Helbachs also has graphic & design support for a new buildout, remodel, or custom packaging.  


Who Partners

Helbachs continues to work with a variety of clients cafes, non-profits, offices, and restraunts. Some of our clients include; Good Cause Coffee, Cub Scout Coffee, First Fruits Giving, Thomas Bradley insurance, Kids Junction, and Sprinkman Real Estate. Additionally, we provide coffee and our services to our two cafes in Madison & Middleton.
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Our Offerings 

Coffee: From traditional, darker-roasted classics to unique lighter-roasted, and speciality coffees in diverse and unusual packaging. Additionally, for qualified partner accounts we are able to do custom roast profiles. 

Private Label: Helbachs has private label ability for select cafes, contact us for more info.

Tea: Helbachs Partners with Art of Tea for all tea sourcing.