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Frist Fruits is a non-profit coffee that is powered by Helbachs Coffee Co. At Helbachs Coffee Roasters we not only want to create communities of friendships, but we also want to give to communities in need.  All profits from our First Fruits coffee is donated to a nonprofit committed to helping those communities in need.


Located in Central-East Africa, this coffee is sorted as a Peaberry. It comes from a wet-mill called Sombezi. 

We chose this coffee because of its melon sweetness and it’s cute beans! 

The farmers deliver their coffee as cherry and it is depulped throughout the afternoon and evening. Then it is graded in water channels and soaked for 24–36 hours for fermentation. After washing, it’s soaked for an additional 8–12 hours, and then dried on tables for one to two weeks.

People who’d like this coffee are those looking for ‘light roast.’ Use it with a chemex or V60.


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