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Most people don’t tend to think much about decaf, but ours is just as good as any of our caffeinated coffees. If you love great coffee at all times but don’t like that ‘wired’ feeling — our decaf is for you.


Tasting Notes: Fruity, Relaxing, Taffy, Tangy


Country Colombia
Region Cauca
Farm Various smallholder farmers
Altitude 1200–2000 masl
Proc. Method EA Decaf
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Here at Helbachs we pay attention to roasting our decaf, which may be hard to find elsewhere. We refuse think of decaf as an afterthought! You’ll always find us with high quality, relaxing, and delicious decafs that have been processed and decaffeinated via non-chemical processes.

The flavor notes for this coffee are: Fruity, Relaxing, Taffy


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