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Grab ‘n Go

Grab 'n Go

Take Away Market

All Sandwiches $9.00

available as salad
  1. Prosciutto -Goat Cheese-Fig/Roasted Grape Chutney-Arugula- Clausen’s French Baguette
  2. The Italian -Hot Capocolla-Mortadella-Salami- Pepperoni-Hot Sopressata- Herbed Italian - Mozzerella-Giardini era-Balsamic Vinaigarette-Romaine - Clausen’s French Baguette
  3. Slow-Cooked Herbed Chicken Havarti -Avocado Smash- Roasted Garlic Sauce-Mixed Greens-Clausen’s Munstleender Bread
  4. Peppermill Turkey -Bri-Cranberry/Pear Chutney-Mixed Greens-Clausens Seeded Baguette
  5. Vegetarian -Roasted Red Pepper Chutney-Sliced Feta-Roasted Red Peppers-Arugula-Clausen’s Seeded Baguette
  6. Chicken Cashew Croissant -Slow Cooked Chicken-Grapes-Celery-Scallions-Yogurt Dressing-Mixed Greens-Seeded Croissant
  7. Cornucopia Salad -Kale/Spinach/Mixed Greens-Roasted Red Beets-Pepitas-Figs-Parmesan-Goat Cheese-Prosciutto-Balsamic Vinaigrette $12

Lunch Box $13.00

24 Hour Notice for orders of 6 or more

Choose 1 of the following

Avocado Smash with Blue Corn Chips

Granola Bar

Rt 11 Chips-choose from Sea salt, Sweet Potato, Salt/Vinegar

Beverages Choose 1 of the following

Sedona Sparkling Water


Huberts Lemonade

Kevita Pribiotic Drink

Forages Kombucha