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Coffee Overview

Coffee Overview

Helbachs Coffee Believes you can find coffee everywhere. You can drink it alone, with a stranger or with your family. Out of all the different ways we could serve coffee to our guests, we’ve decided to keep it simple and focus on our craft. We buy the best, freshest coffees available and serve them in a thoughtful and approachable manner.

It’s an unusual approach to excellence. We take something that is so rare; an impeccable world-class coffee and present it in a approachable, simple, and humble manner. Rather than focus on ourselves, we get to celebrate how special our coffees are with our guests.

Through our unique approach to coffee. We strive to inspire people to find the coffees they love.

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Coffee Processes


In this process, the coffee is sun-dried with the whole coffee cherry intact in thin layers on raised African beds. A parabolic plastic cover is used in the evening for increased air-flow to the coffee. The coffee undergoes 18 to 30 total drying days in the natural process.



This process uses the mechanical demucilager to scrub away the mucilage from the coffee cherries. The coffee then undergoes full wet fermentation, where it’s soaked for 12 to 36 hours and then channel-washed. The coffee is then shade-dried for two to three days until it reaches 30 percent moisture content, then it is sun-dried on raised African beds to 11 percent moisture. The coffee undergoes 12 to 19 total drying days in this process.



In this type of processing, the skin of the fresh cherry is physically removed by a pulper machine without the addition of water, as with fully washed processing. After pulping, the coffee bypasses the demucilager to retain its mucilage. The coffee is then dried until it reaches 11 percent moisture content.